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March PTA Newsletter Deadline
Audience: PTA Webmaster and PTA
Posted by: PTA Webmaster
Location: charlottewoodpta@gmail.com Contact: Iris Tessler, CWMS PTA VP Communications
Start Time: 6:30 PM End Time: 8:00 PM


CWMS PTA publishes a monthly school newsletter which includes articles from the Principal, PTA, Charger Fund, Leadership, Site Council, and CW Staff. Here are some communication guidelines below to ensure that we reach our school community in a timely and organized manner. 


Who To Send Info

Please email articles by the monthly newsletter due date (see calendar below) to: 

What To Include

Your email should include your event description, deadlines, Sign Up Genius links, graphics, flyers, and and updates to be posted to the website. Our PTA President and Principal reserve final approval on all communication.


Monthly Newsletter Due Dates

  • September: articles due 9/5, publish 9/6
  • October: articles due 10/3, publish 10/4
  • November: articles due 11/7, publish 11/8
  • December: articles due 12/5, publish 12/6
  • January: articles due 1/10, publish 1/11
  • February: articles due 2/6, publish 2/7
  • March: articles due 3/6, publish 3/7
  • April: articles due 4/11, publish 4/12
  • May: articles due 5/1, publish 5/2
  • Summer Issue: articles due 5/30, publish 5/31


What If You Can't Submit by the Due Date?

If your information is not available by the monthly newsletter deadline, please email it to us when it's ready and we will forward it to the CWMS Office Manager for inclusion in the Charger Weekly. 


Communication Channels

Below is a list of the channels for event & program communication. Once your article is received, we will determine which channels to use to publicize the information.