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Mr. David Wright's 6th CORE

Welcome to the beginning of time!  We will journey along the course of human existence, from early man and the birth of civilization to the Fall of ROME.   Join the odyssey as Literature, Language Arts and History blend to provide a comprehensive study of the past, while students develop and hone their skills for the future. 





Agenda for 3/20


Independent Reading/Partner Reading



An introduction to the Greek gods and goddesses - What do you know about them?


Oral Tradition and Myths - Notes


Beginning Mythology - Greek Creation Story


The Story of Arachne - Discussion and Questions

Table Group Myth Folders


HW - Finish Mythology Sheet

Bring Pack of Blank White 3x5 or 4x6 index cards - no lines! Blank on both sides only



Agenda 3/21


WOD #42


Mythological Pairs


Map of Greece


Intro to Black Ships Before Troy (The Iliad) - Characters and Parent Letter


Read about Homer - Mini Research on Homer's background - Begin work on Homer Index Card


Table Group Myth Activity


HW -  Finish Mythological Pairs

Finish Homer Card - Black Inked and Colored - Parent Letter Signed and Initialed for the Homer segment

Black Ships begins Tomorrow!!  Index cards (White, Blank, no lines, 3x5) by tomorrow


Agenda for 3/22


Review Black Ships Map of Greece, the Aegean Sea, and Asia Minor ( location of Troy )

Predictions and Introduction to Characters

Black Ships Launch!!! - Chapter 1 - The Golden Apple

Discussion and work on Card for Chapter 1


Table Group Myth Activity (Continued from yesterday)




HW - Finish Golden Apple Card and Retell Chapter 1 to Parents - Parent(s) must sign off or initial for Golden Apple on Blue Letter


Agenda for 3/23


Myth Activity Wrap Up and Presentations


Geography of Greece - Note Packets - Chapter 11, Lesson 1

Lords of the Sea


Retell Ch. 1 - Golden Apple

Read Ch. 2 - Ship Gathering ----- We meet Achilles - Discussion and Journal Response - Work on Card for Ch.2 Ship Gathering


Library for Internet Safety lesson


HW - Finish Ch. 2 Ship Gathering Card and Storytell to Parent(s) - Parent(s) must sign off/initial for Ship Gathering on Blue letter to confirm retelling.

Finish Note Packet Notes for Ch. 11, Les. 1 Geography of Greece


Agenda for 3/24


Myth Mini Presentations


Review Geography Notes 

Chapter 11, Lesson 2 - Beliefs - Note Packet Notes and discussion


Black Ships - Chapter 3 - Quarrel With The High King

Discussion and Retelling - Response Q's - Work on Ch. 3 Card


HW - Finish Belief Notes in Note Packet for Ch. 11, L. 2

Finish Card for Quarrel with the High King and Retell to Parent(s) - Parents must sign-off/initial Blue Letter for Ch. 3 entry


Agenda for 3/13


China Dynasty Rotation


Daosim and Laozi, "Old Master"


Confucius and Quickwrite - Contrasts between Daoism and Confucianism


Dynasty Timeline Information Hunt and Sharing


Accordion Book Construction and Section Work


HW - China Test Friday - Study/Review Dynasty Notes and Accordion Book information

Work on Accordion Book - Map, Chart, Inventions/Contributions, Confucius, Daoism, Geography, etc. - Accordion Book DUE Friday


Agenda for 3/14


Dynasty Report Rotation


Confucius and Quickwrite/Discussion


Timeline Information Hunt and Sharing


Accordion Book Work - Dragon design - face and body, and section work


The Dragon's Pearl


HW - Accordion Book DUE Friday - Work on sections and dragon design

China Test Friday - Study/Review Dynasty Notes and Accordion Book Info


Agenda for 3/15


Dragon Literature 


Accordion Book Work - Sections and Dragon Design




HW - Accordion Book DUE Friday

China Test Friday - Study/Review Notes


Agenda for 3/16


Dynasty Rotations and Test Review


Accordion Book Work - All sections and Dragon Timeline Design


China Review Game


Review of Standardization under Qin rule


Dragon Literature


HW - Accordion Book DUE Tomorrow in class


China Test Tomorrow




Agenda for 3/17


China Test


Accordion Book - Finishing touches


Dragon Literature


Beginning Greece


HW - 



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