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Melissa Dessoye



Dear Room 703 Families, 


This week was exciting! We have wrapped up our Launch Writing Unit. Today we celebrated in class by sharing our pieces with both our class and Mrs. Blechman's. Yesterday the students enjoyed their first Ancient Artifacts Presentation from Mr. Johnson. He told them the story of the frozen man, Utzi. In reading, we have been learning about the 6 fiction Signposts. Students are practicing digging deeper into their books using the Signposts Reading Log. 


As a reminder, students should be reading 30 minutes every night at home and writing their thinking at least once a day in their reading notebook. 


Next week, we will begin our Narrative Writing Unit. Please see the cover letter in your email or in my locker. We will be wrapping up our study of Early Man with presentations on Tuesday. 


Have a great weekend everyone. 


Mrs. Dessoye


Hi all, 


We are moving right along in Core:) We are making progress in both our reading and writing launch units. And our social studies geography unit is coming to an end. We will look over our map assessments tomorrow in class and fix them up a bit before I put scores in School Loop next week. 


I emailed home a Writing Launch Unit letter with more specifics. Please make sure both parents and students have School Loop accounts. It is easy to register for an account right on the CW website. 



Mrs. Dessoye


It was great to meet so many parents last night at back to school night. Thank you for coming. I have posted a PDF copy of the 6th Grade Course Policies in my locker on my Charlotte Wood Website, if you would like to view it again. 


This week in class we continued to work on reading and writing workshop routines. We are just about ready to set some reading goals. We began our quick geography unit and will work on analyzing maps with partners and with some screen casting next week. 


Have a wonderful weekend. 


Mrs. Dessoye




We had a wonderful first week of school! Reading and writing workshops have been launched with some fun and interactive lessons. Ask your child about Growth Mindset and strategies for staying focused and motivated during independent writing:) Students also practiced cooperative group and problem solving strategies as they planned to create a new civilization on a far away planet. Together we began the process of getting to know each other with our Community Circle. 


Next week, students will continue learning routines and building reading and writing stamina in our workshops. We will kick off social studies with our geography unit. The main goal of this unit is to teach students how to read and analyze any map they come across in textbooks and nonfiction texts. 


I hope to see you all at Back To School Night on Thursday. 


Melissa Dessoye


I am excited to meet each and everyone of  my new students on Monday. I have an exciting week planned. We will spend time launching our reading and writing workshops and getting to know each other. 


Please begin gathering family pictures, stickers, magazine cut outs and anything else you may want to use to decorate the cover of your new writing notebook. I love beginning the year personalizing our notebooks. These pictures will be due Friday, August 18.


I would also like you to bring in a printed picture of the cover of your favorite book. So, think about a book that you have read or someone has read to you that made an impact on your life. Maybe you learned something important about yourself or the world. Or maybe you just really loved the characters. The book could be your favorite for any reason, but spend some time thinking about it. Then find an image online of the cover and print it out. Color or black and white, it doesn't matter. Bring the picture in on Friday, August 18th as well.  


Have a great last weekend of summer! See you Monday!


Mrs. Dessoye



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