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September 22, 2017

We did a writing assignment in Resource this week, on why teachers should not assign homework. After the students wrote their initial response, I left each of them detailed ...more


I do not assign homework in Resource.  Grades in this class will be determined by a point system. Points will be earned in the areas of behavior/responsibility (50%), completion of a daily planner (25%), and Resource in-class assignments (25%). Students are assessed daily and are able to monitor their progress.  Performance will be assessed using a 3-point system:

     3 = Proficient

     2 = Approaching Proficiency

     1 = Below Proficiency/Not Yet

At the end of each quarter, these scores will be converted into a letter grade (A through F), which will be recorded in Infinite Campus and on the students’ transcripts.


The three categories that determine Resource students' grades are outlined below:

1. Effort & Participation: 50% of grade

  • Start promptly, and work appropriately and cooperatively all period

  • Follow classroom rules and teacher's directions

  • Work independently without adult monitoring

  • Be courteous and considerate of other students' learning needs

  • Know assignments and due dates, and complete homework at home

  • Have all necessary materials to be ready to work, and clean up at the end of the period.

Students grade themselves in these areas every day, and then I review the grading to ensure appropriateness and fairness. This teaches them to take responsibility for their own behavior and their own learning.  If students forget to log out or grade themselves, they automatically lose 5 points. I remind them at the end of every class to log out and to grade themselves.

2. In-Class Assignments/Activities: 25% of grade

  • Student performance on Resource Teacher-directed reading comprehension, writing, and math activities completed during class (non-gen ed assignments).

3. Completion of Daily Planner: 25% of grade

  • Students need to have a daily planner.  If they use a laptop or other electronic device for their schoolwork, an electronic calendar is acceptable. We will be updating our planners daily during the first 5 minutes of class.  Students will have to write down everything they need to do that evening for homework.  In addition, they should be checking School Loop for any updates by their general education teachers.  Using a daily planner is an important life skill that helps people organize their workloads, and therefore the students will be graded on this using a 25% weight.

Kristin Chen

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About me

Teaching is a mid-life career change for me. I received a Bachelor of Special Education and my special ed teaching credential from Western Governors University. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Boston University and a Master of Business Administration from UC Berkeley. I have two high school-aged children: A sophomore at Monte Vista and a senior at San Ramon. My son has autism, and he is the one who inspired me to change my career to work with students with special needs and their families. Kids with special needs truly are my passion.

I was born in the Bay Area but moved to Norway with my parents when I was one year old - I have an American mother and a Norwegian father. I grew up bilingual in a suburb of Oslo until I decided to attend college in Boston. I've lived in Danville for 15 years with my husband Charlie and kids Sonja and Cameron. I love to travel to explore new places and cultures, read, cook, hike, and go to A's baseball games with my family.

This is my fifth year teaching Resource at Charlotte Wood and I truly feel that I have found a place to channel my passion - I love helping students work to their highest potential and to achieve their very best. We will focus on developing strong study habits, and increasing critical reading, writing, math, and problem-solving skills. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of my new students and their families!