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Hi all,


This week, in Social Studies, we had our last Ancient Artifacts presentation- Rome! It was a fun way to start the week. We also began our last Greece project about Greek achievements.  Next week, we will start our study on Rome.


Reading and Writing have been very intertwined these last few weeks, as we are in our last unit of both- argument reading/writing in nonfiction. Students have been reading about the topic of expensive shoes, and will be writing their last essay of the year arguing either for or against the necessity of buying and wearing expensive shoes. Next week, we will begin that essay.


We ended the week on a high note- Open House and Field Day. Thank you to all the parents and students that came to Open House. It was fun to showcase some of the work the students have done this year. Field Day was a blast, as students got to play games and win prizes. 


Have a wonderful weekend!


-Ms. Wittman


Hi all, 


This week, we continued to review past concepts in Reading and Writing in preparation of test week.


In Reading, we practiced drawing conclusions of fictional narratives, finding the main idea of nonfiction texts, as well as other skills.  


For Writing, we celebrated the end of our Nonfiction/Informational unit.  Students turned in their books and gave "toasts" to their books.  Then, we reviewed the key elements of Argument, Informational and Narrative Writing.


In Social Studies, we learned about Sparta and Athens, comparing and contrasting them.  Students got into groups and made posters of one of the city-states.  


Have a wonderful weekend, 


Ms. Wittman


Hi All, 


I hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break!


This week, we completed our Nonfiction Writing Unit.  We did a lot of revision work this week, and all Teen Activism books will be turned in on Monday.  Parents, please see the email I sent out today regarding this due date.


In Reading, we did some testing preparation as well as some work in drawing conclusions from nonfiction articles.  Test prep will continue next week, and we will get ready for our next unit.


In Social Studies, we learned about the rise of democracy in ancient Greece.  We studied the four different kinds of government that ruled in ancient Greece, leading up to democracy.  Next week, we will do an assessment and then learn about two prominent Greek city-states, Sparta and Athens.  


Have a wonderful weekend!


Ms. Wittman


Hi All, 


Hope you are enjoying your days off so far!


This past week, we completed the four chapters of our Nonfiction Book in Writing.  When we get back, we will revise, as well as complete our Works Cited and Glossary pages.


In Reading, we practiced writing summaries using our Main Idea and Details strategy.  When we get back, we will practice Text Structures and Drawing Conclusions again.


In Social Studies, we had a fun Hands-On History presentations in the library on Ancient Greece.  We also continued to learn about the geography of Ancient Greece.  When we get back, we will finish up the geography portion of our unit.


Have a wonderful rest of your Spring Break!


Ms. Wittma


Hi All, 


Wow! This week went by so quickly.  I unfortunately was not here Monday or Tuesday, as I got sick again (this flu season has been terrible!).  However, everything ended on a great note with a wonderful trip to Chinatown.  Much fun was had by all.


In Writing, we continued drafting our nonfiction "books," which are due next Thursday.  We will continue drafting and learning more strategies.


In Reading, we practiced looking at different text structures to understand the author's purpose in writing nonfiction.  We also learned about constructing a summary by identifying the subject, main idea and details.  Next week, we will practice summary again and continue to learn more nonfiction reading strategies.


In Social Studies, we started our Ancient Greece Unit.  We began with the geography of ancient Greece.  Next week, we will finish geography, and attend another special Hands-On History lesson in the library.


One more week until Spring Break - let's finish it off strong!


Have a wonderful weekend, 


Ms. Wittman


Hi All,


This week, in Reading, we continued in our nonfiction unit, learning about text structures and how to start small when learning about a new topic. We practiced drawing conclusions.   Next week, we will practice text structures. We will also continue to practice writing summaries.


In Writing, we learned about using different “building blocks” of nonfiction writing - anecdotes, statistics, etc.  We also learned how to transition into a quotation, and how write a compelling lead for a chapter.  We drafted the first chapter of our nonfiction “book” on a teen activism topic.  The goal for the completion of the whole-book draft is the week before Spring Break. Next week, we will continue to draft and learn more strategies. 


In Social Studies, we finished our study of the Qin Dynasty, and then learned about the Han Dynasty of ancient China, which marked the end of our Ancient China unit! We will start our Ancient Greece unit next week.


As a reminder, next Friday is Chinatown! We are looking forward to it!


Have a wonderful weekend,


Ms. Wittman


Hi All, 


This week, in Reading, we continued to practice writing nonfiction summaries and reading comprehension.  Next week, we will practice going through nonfiction texts and beginning to synthesize summaries, drawing conclusions and reading comprehension.  


In Writing, we wrote the Table of Contents for our nonfiction books.  We organized our notes and starting drafting our books.  Next week, we will learn strategies to help us write our books, and keep drafting.


In Social Studies, we learned about the Qin dynasty of Ancient China and analyzed the reason why it was overthrown.  Students read and analyzed historical documents to do so.  It was a challenge, but everyone rose to meet that challenge.  Next week, we will wrap up our Ancient China unit.


Have a wonderful weekend, 


Ms. Wittman


Hi all, 


This week was quite short, or at least felt short with the three half-days.


In Reading, we practiced our Nonfiction Summaries, working on topic sentences.  We also practiced Drawing Conclusions.  We are going to continue that work next week.


In Writing, we wrote an essay related to Teen Activism. Next week, we will begin writing an informational "book" related to Teen Activism, as part of our Expository Writing Unit.  


In Social Studies, we had a fun time watching the movie Mulan and doing a little analysis of how Ancient China is portrayed in it.  This was a chance for students to practice Drawing Conclusions.  We also learned about Daoism and Legalism.  Next week, we will wrap-up our study of Confucianism, Daoism and Legalism, and begin to work our way towards the end of the Ancient China unit.


Next week, I will be collecting notebooks for a notebook check.  A copy of the Table of Contents, which shows what should be in their notebook, can be found on Google Classroom.


Have a great weekend, 


Ms. Wittman


Hi All, 


This week, in Reading, we learned about drawing conclusions from a nonfiction text.  We continued to practice note-taking.  Next week, we will practice drawing conclusions and writing a paragraph on them.  


In Writing, we continued conducting research for our Nonfiction, Expository Writing Unit.  We also chose a topic for an essay on Teen Activism, which will be written next week in class.  Students began a blank outline for the essay.  Next week, we will complete the outline and write the essay.


In Social Studies, we had a wonderful time with our Hands-on History library presentation.  We also took notes on two of the earliest dynasties of Ancient China and learned about Confucianism.  Next week, we will look at Daoism and Legalism.


Have a wonderful weekend!


Ms. Wittman


Hi all, 


Happy Friday!


We started the week off with a fun lesson in the library, learning about databases and research techniques.


In Reading, we continued learning note-taking strategies.  We then began writing summaries about nonfiction texts.  The week ended with our first nonfiction summary assessment, which will be one of many.  Next week, we will continue practicing nonfiction summaries.


In Writing, the students received the scores for their final literary essay.  The final scores for the standards will be on School Loop by the beginning of next week.  We also embarked on our Nonfiction, Expository Writing Unit, learning about Teen Activism and note-taking.  We will continue that next week.


Finally, in Social Studies, we began our study on Ancient China, beginning with the geography of Ancient China.  Next week, we will have our third Hands-On History presentation, as well as learn about the ancient Chinese philosophies.


Have a wonderful three-day weekend!




Ms. Wittman



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