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Jennifer Gusman

Course 1 Math

SpringBoard Workbook online, KHAN ACADEMY practice exercises for each unit

Attached below:

1. Class Policy

2. Back to School Power Point

3. SpringBoard Online Workbook Units

4. Khan Academy Exercises for extra practice

Assigned: 08/13/18 Category: Assignment Points: 0 Due: 05/31/19

Buy new whiteboard markers and pencils for classwork!! Take out all Semester One papers from your Math Folder and leave at home or throw away.

Assigned: 01/08/19 Category: Assessments/Quizzes Points: 0 Due: 01/18/19

w.s. Add and Subtract Equations from word problems

Assigned: 01/15/19 Category: Homework Points: 5 Due: 01/16/19

w.s. Model Multiplication and Division Equations (Tiles and Bar Model)

Assigned: 01/16/19 Category: Homework Points: 5 Due: 01/17/19

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