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6th Grade Common Core Math Locker

Sandra Francioch

Course 1 Math

Springboard PDF pages

Assigned: 08/19/19 Category: Homework Points: 0 Due: 05/29/20

Request to Reassess - for students who earned below a 70% on any assessment

Assigned: 09/24/19 Category: Assessments/Quizzes Points: 0 Due: 05/15/20

Bring in Box Tops!

Assigned: 10/01/19 Category: Classwork//Other Points: 0 Due: 10/31/19

Fraction Assessment




Equivalent Fractions

Model Fraction Division 

Multiply Fractions

Divide Fractions

Number lines


Word Problems

Assigned: 10/16/19 Category: Assessments/Quizzes Points: 100 Due: 10/23/19

Fraction/Decimal Review 3

Assigned: 10/23/19 Category: Homework Points: 5 Due: 10/25/19
Course 2 Math

Big Ideas and Khan Academy - links for extra help

Assigned: 08/16/19 Category: Assignment Points: 0 Due: 05/29/20