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Reassessment Process

If you would like to reassess work, use the following process:

Reassessment Process

  1. Get reassessment form from basket on the back counter.

  2. Do the two study activities (one must be test corrections if reassessing a test)

  3. The day before you do the reassessment bring in: 1) Completed Request to Reassess form; 2) completed activities; and 3) original work.

  4. Discuss with me.  Turn in Request to Reassess and original work, keep original notes.

  5. You will be signed up for Achievement Time.

  6. If your score is higher than your original score, your score on School Loop will be adjusted and your new assessment will be returned to you.
Contra Costa Library Teens' Book List
Contra Costa Library Best YA Books List

Several parents asked at Back to School Night about book lists for middle school students.  I recommended the Contra Costa Library website and their Teens' Book Lists.  You can visit the site and look at books in several categories, and you can also sign up for their email list to get monthly emails of recommended titles.  Contra Costa County Library Teens' Book Lists


SIRS Researcher

To access the SIRS Researcher database: 

  1. Go to CWMS Library page from School Loop 
  2. Click on "Databases" in the column on the left
  3. Click on SIRS Researcher
  4. User name:  55378
  5. Password:    94526

TCI Online

All students now have accounts set up for use at the TCI online website.  There is an online textbook available, as well as supplementary enrichment materials.  Use the following link to access the web page:  TCI Online  If you signed up as directed in class, your user name is the first initial of your first name and your whole last name (e.g. gkurtz).  Your password is your district password:  ID#XXXXXX.  My email address is: