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Progress Reports


October 2018


Dear 6th Grade Core Families,


As you know, our students are hard at work in core. We are diligently working towards 6th grade Common Core Standards in all core curriculum areas. In reading, we are working on proficiency in writing summaries of fiction texts, as well as growing ideas about characters and themes with support from evidence in the texts we read. At this point in the school year, your student should feel confident writing a summary of a fiction piece. They should also have strong reading habits in place, including reading 30 minutes nightly and writing about their reading (W.A.R.) in their Reading Notebooks.


As the reading launch unit comes to an end, I have published summary scores in School Loop and I will send home work for you to see. Look for a packet of summaries in your students backpack. Please read the cover letter and sign before returning ASAP.


We also finished up our Writing Launch/Creativity Project with some amazing student presentations. With this project, we worked through the writing process three times since the beginning of school. This means students have published 3 writing pieces. As a reminder, the launch unit covered the foundational independent work habits students will need to know in order to be successful as we venture into the world of narrative, argument, and informational texts. The end of next week, your student will bring home their Writing Launch Progress Report along with directions for finding all their work on Google Classroom. Please have your student take you on a tour of Google Classroom. You can find their work anytime online.


In social studies, we have completed the teaching and reteaching of “analyzing maps” and I will send home scored assessments Monday. Again, take a look at your student’s work, read the cover letter, sign, and return. You can now see the score published in School Loop.


In class, we are continuing our study of early man. This unit includes everything from archaeology to technological advances made by early man as we tackle the guiding question “How do we learn about prehistoric societies?”. Ask students to share with you what they have learned about Hominins, as well as famous archaeologists and their discoveries.


As you begin to see standard and work habit scores in School Loop, please remember that percentages will NOT show up for Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies. You will need to click on “Progress Report” next to the subject to view your student’s progress. You may click on “Progress Report” at anytime throughout the year to view your student’s progress towards the end of semester standards and expected work habits.  


In SchoolLoop you will find a flyer outlining the assessment codes for both the 6th grade standards and the work habits for each curriculum area. These codes should also be visible once you have clicked on “Progress Report” on School Loop.


Thank you for your support at home.




Mrs. Johnson

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